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For Your Family

Product photoIf you’re cooking for yourself or your family, use our convenient online ordering. Punky’s Soft Shells are packaged in convenient packs of 30.  Just click the button below and we’ll ship them directly to your door!

Package of 30 Punky’s Soft Shells


For Your Store

If you own a retail store and would like to offer your customers our delicious Punky’s Soft Shells, contact on of the food brokers listed below:

Food Service Marketing
PO Box 4532 (Mailing)
295 W Steuben Street (Physical)
Pittsburgh PA  15205
phone:  412.928.8600

Or any of these other suppliers:

Avolio Foods, Jeanette, PA
Blackburn Russell, Bedford, PA
Mcaneny Brothers, Ebensburg, PA
Nappies, Reinhart Food Service, Oakdale, PA
Tony Sunseri, Johnstown, PA
US Foods Greensburg, PA