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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy Punky’s Shells over competitors shells?

1. Compare our shells to any name brand tortilla, pita or flat bread on the market and you will find that our hand made shells out weigh our competitors by two to three times more.

2. Because of our original recipe, with a sweet flavor, and unique texture you can make almost anything you can imagine. We are convinced that there isn’t another bread product out there that can make a soft taco, burrito, enchilada, pizza, flatbread, panini, pizzelle, Dessert, salad bowl, and so much more on one shell.

3. We are a family owned business. Our shells are handmade with love and not produced on a huge factory assembly line or made by robots. We use the finest ingredients and the highest quality oils to give our customers a unique specialty product.

Are Punky’s Soft Shells edible right from the package?

Punky’s Soft Shells are fully cooked and you can eat right out of the bag. We recommend cooking them and prefer you don’t microwave them. They are so much better lightly brown or crispy from a skillet or oven.

Can I refrigerate or freeze Punky’s Soft Shells?

The shelf life of Punky’s Soft Shells varies depending on their formulation and storage conditions. The typical shelf life of Punky’s Soft Shell stored at a normal refrigeration temperature (unopened package) is about 14 – 28 days depending on refrigeration temperatures. The product should be good until the expired use by date on package.

Punky’s Soft Shells can also be frozen for up to 60-90 days.

I bought a package of tortillas and they were in the refrigerated section at the store. Should I refrigerate them at home?

Yes. If the product was in the refrigerated section at the store, they have a refrigerated code date printed on the package. If the product is not kept in the refrigerator after purchase, it may grow mold before its expiration date, depending on humidity and other ambient factors.

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Can I reseal Punky’s Soft Shell Shells after opening?

Yes! Our bag is Ziploc resealable for maximum freshness.

Can I buy Punky’s Soft Shells wholesale by the case for restaurants, deli’s, bars, schools, hospitals or personal use?

Yes! We sell to several distributors in the western PA region. Here is a list of the Food Distributors that carry our product:

US FOODS Greensburg, PA- Altoona, PA
McAneny Brothers Inc., Ebensburg, PA
Avolio Foods, Jeanette, PA
Tony Sunseri Wholesale Foods, Johnstown, PA
Blackburn Russell Company, Bedford, PA
Stello Foods: Punxsutawney, PA

Are there any animal products in Punky’s Soft Shells?

No. Our product is all vegetable based.

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