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Punky’s History

Punky’s is a family owned and operated business in Johnstown, Pennsylvania that started in 1963 by Bob and Rosalyn “Punky” Miller. The business was originally named after Bob’s nickname, Kutza, that developed into the name Kutzarino’s Pizza during the summer of 1963.

The name Punky’s did not develop until the late 70’s when a local pizza competitor had a similar name, Kutch’s Pizza. Kutch, a good friend of the Miller’s went into politics and the business names were constantly getting confused. Shortly after, Kutzarino’s Pizza was changed to Punky’s.

Over the last 48 years, Punky’s has operated over 40 different pizza locations in the Western Pennsylvania region. Presently there are two pizza shops still in operation.

During the 80’s and 90’s we were marketing our shells only as a soft taco, but thanks to our customers we realized that we have a product that can virtually substitute anything you use bread for.

Our soft shells can be used for tacos, pizzas, flatbreads, pitas, quesadillas, gyros, paninis, or any bread replacement. It is so unique, you can even make desserts with it. We also found out that it is not just a shell. It is a Punky’s Gourmet Soft Shell!

Unfortunately, in August 2009 we lost the “Great Punky” to a stroke, but she will never be forgotten. In 2010, Scott, her son, and husband Bob agreed in her honor to make her proud and continue to successfully grow our business full speed ahead.

Over the last several years Punky’s has gone from regional distribution in Western Pennsylvania to Maryland, Ohio and West Virginia.  For information on our food distributors and where to buy, click here.

Punky’s Soft Shells Inc. is owned and operated by Bob and Scott Miller.

in the beginning

The history of Punky’s Soft Shells did not begin until the early 1980’s when we started manufacturing our own original recipe to use as soft taco shells for our pizza business. We had no idea what we were getting into and it was all by accident. By word of mouth, our own original recipe, unique in texture and flavor, people started craving the soft shells and demanding we sell to other restaurants and food establishments. Almost 30 years later we are producing thousands of handmade shells weekly.

Photo is of Bob and Punky Miller with their contractor cleaning up their restaurant after the devastating Johnstown Flood July, 1977.

Meet the Family

  • Bob Miller
      Bob MillerFOUNDER
    • Scott Miller
        Scott MillerPRESIDENT
      • Charles Miller
          Charles MillerTHE BACKBONE